Every idea starts with a single thought… ‘I wonder if we could do this?’ or ‘What if we could do that?’ Very often the thought is just a dream.

But developing even a relatively simple idea requires a great deal of careful thinking. For example there may be technical challenges involved, or issues of mechanical efficiency. At the same time the product always needs to look attractive and feel good. Cost efficient production, using the minimum number of parts with the least complexity, or the use of cost effective materials, are always part of the mix.

That’s where clear and practical thinking comes into play. ‘Thinking outside the box’ should deliver answers that work. Form and function must walk hand in hand. There is no point in having a great design if the item is inefficient. Before starting on the design, fd will help you think your project through. A third detached eye often spots that one vital element that can change failure to success.

fd’s approach is to review the project in some detail, study whatever drawings or sketches the client may have and assess the specifications. By discussing the project directly with the client and asking pertinent questions to fully understand the client’s requirements, the transition from thought to reality is facilitated. fd likes to think.